Student learns to operate machinery


Be Heard on Day One

“First Quality provides an avenue for me to showcase my talents and refine my weaknesses. I work with world class thinkers each day and I’m challenged in my career to succeed and make those around me succeed.”

— 2017 Clemson University Graduate

Our Internships and Co-Ops

For students still in school, we have one goal: getting you concrete experience. You'll spend your months here embedded directly into project teams and working on real projects with real results.

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  • Tuesday, January 22, 2019, Clemson, Engineering, Computing and Sciences Career Fair
  • Tuesday, January 22, 2019, Clemson, Engineering, Computing and Sciences Career Fa

There are no events scheduled at this time, please check back!


2 workers assess waste output metrics

New Grad Spotlight: Waste Reduction Studies

In our converting department, our newest team members were tasked with a simple assignment: assess our waste output. Where they took the project was all their own: They evaluated our current situation, plotted reduction efforts, and implemented trial programs right into our workflow.

“Every day is a new adventure and new challenges present themselves daily. We are always changing to be ahead of the competition, so the job never gets boring.”

— 2013 Stevens Institute of Technology Graduate

Team of 2 discusses work on blackboard

New Grad Spotlight: Development Trials

When our product development teams needed to create new product testing methods, they turned to our newest employees. The result was a months-long collaboration between site process managers, engineers, and product developers to rethink our testing methods — from the trial design to the sampling methodology.

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